Our Services

At Next Step Associates we bring some well-developed toolkits for running sessions, like Synectics and TRIZ, and years of experience with companies large and small and diverse, having worked across the globe from UK to Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Hong Kong and the US.

We can help design a programme which can include facilitation, training, coaching and development of learning packages for on-going development of staff.

With open ended remits like "reforming recruitment" or "finding new product streams" we would start with wild idea generation using Synectics, which introduces strong challenges in a light way. For example, if invited to create ideas for increasing sales by 10% we might jump in with "how to find rabbits which sell for you"! And the target would be 1000%

Got time challenges? How to cut the workforce by 50% and increase work output by 100%!

Stuck with services and products which still have too many sticky problems? We might help you totally revise these or just go deep into where the problems lie, and then we would use TRIZ - the most Systematic Innovation toolkit there is.

We can also design a staff day which brings everyone into the arena looking at the future of the company. As a member of the International Association of Facilitators and as a founding member of the Coaching Section of the British Psychological Society, Graham brings his skills as a Chartered Psychologist, his experience as a judge for Innovators and Inventors (for the Global Women's Inventors and Innovators Network and for the British Invention Show) and his skills as an experienced facilitator of small and large groups around the world to ensure you have the event which delivers. With expert colleagues and associates from around the world Graham can help design and facilitate any size event.

Want to design and develop procedures and instructions, learning manuals which people will read, use and find enjoyable? As an Educational Psychologist, former Director of Enterprise at Surrey University, former Academic Director for the College of Independent Study, and author of TV programmes and associated workbooks, Graham can work with you to create materials which work for you.


You won't find a table of fixed prices for our work as it is tailored to what you need and what you want. That's why we're a collaborative that can call on various different consultants. Get in touch with us, and we'll discuss who, what, where, when and most importantly why. We'll happily come and visit you at no charge if we need to do so to understand your needs. Once we know what the package is we'll give you a quote. Educational or charitable organisations get special rates.